Eiz A.
Senior Moodle developer
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    UK, Leicester
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    EU, Slovenia


Other skills:
  • API
  • Server setup & config
  • Apache
  • AWS
  • Jira
  • ...etc

UNCTAD Moodle platform (2019 - 2022)

Moodle plugin

Project details

The project involved a comprehensive upgrade and customisation of the UNCTAD Moodle e-learning platform. It required a meticulous approach to ensure seamless user experience while integrating complex group-based functionalities and language support.
The upgrade from Moodle version 3.4 to 3.6 was performed on a development server with detailed instructions provided for transitioning to the live environment. This ensured that the platform's stability and integrity were maintained during the upgrade process.
This site enhancement also involved backend optimisations and a core database check-up to eliminate minor bugs and implement miscellaneous enhancements, streamlining the performance and functionality of the system.
Custom development work was executed to facilitate group-specific grading and content access, which allows for a personalised learning journey for each user group. This included the modification of the gradebook and the course certificate access based on group membership.
In addition to this, a critical issue with the multilingual translation was identified and resolved, involving the installation of missing language packages, ensuring that users across different language preferences could engage with the platform effectively.
Additionally, a new theme was installed and customised to improve visual appeal and user engagement, while a new SSL certificate setup with auto-renewal features was implemented, bolstering the site's security.

Key functionalities:

  • Site Upgrade: Upgraded Moodle from version 3.4 to 3.6 with a focus on maintaining feature parity and system integrity during the migration process.

  • Database Optimisation: Conducted a thorough database check-up to refine platform operations and resolve minor bugs.

  • Theme Installation and Customisation: Installed and tailored a new Moodle theme, enhancing the platform’s user interface.

  • SSL Certificate Setup: Configured a new SSL certificate with auto-renewal, reinforcing the platform's security measures.

  • Gradebook Customisation: Developed bespoke group-based grading feature based on modifying the gradebook setup, allowing grades to display relevant to user group affiliation.

  • Certificate Access Configuration: Customised access to course completion certificates, contingent on user grouping and achievement of specific grades.

  • Site Localisation: Identified and resolved issues with site translation, enabling full functionality in French and Spanish.

  • Dynamic Quick Links Addition: Implemented custom and dynamic sidebar navigation links to the main forums of each course, facilitating ease of access and course management.

  • Course Progress Blocks: Integrated and customised a progress tracking block to visually represent user's completion status for activities and quizzes within courses.

  • Email Notification fix and customisation: Diagnosed and corrected issues with broken links in forum email notifications, ensuring reliable communication.

  • Project Type:
    Complete Site
  • Year of development:
  • Client Sector:
    NGO (UN)
  • Client Location:
  • Moodle version:
  • Tags:
    Web hosting server upgrade,
    Full site upgrade and installation,
    Theme development,
    Additional features,

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