Eiz A.
Senior Moodle developer
  • Main Location:
    UK, Leicester
  • Other Location:
    EU, Slovenia


Other skills:
  • API
  • Server setup & config
  • Apache
  • AWS
  • Jira
  • ...etc

Sophisticated University Moodle Site (2018-2019)

Moodle plugin

Project details

This Moodle project for a French university represents a significant technological leap in e-learning platforms, designed with an emphasis on reliability, scalability, and a superior user experience. The project's scope spanned from infrastructure setup to software development and integration, meticulously tailored to meet the educational institution's specific requirements.

Infrastructure Setup and Server Configuration

  • Test/Dev Server: Established a sandbox environment for development and testing.

  • Web Servers with Load Balancing: Deployed 3 web servers with advanced load balancing techniques.

  • Database Server: Configured a dedicated server for the Moodle database.

  • NFS Server for MoodleData: Implemented an NFS server to manage MoodleData.

  • Memcache Server: Utilised Memcache technology for caching frequently accessed data.

  • Session Server: Configured a session server to manage user sessions effectively.

Moodle Site Setup and Configuration

Customised the Moodle platform to align with the university’s educational and operational workflows.

Custom Plugin Development

  • Category sync and cohort sync: Tool plugins for automatic synchronisation of course categories and cohorts.

  • CAS-LDAP sync and SSO: Custom authentication solution combining LDAP with Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities.

  • Course creator and Cohort enrol: Plugins for simplified course creation and cohort enrolment.

Theme Customisation Based on RemUI

Leveraged the RemUI theme as a foundation for developing a custom theme.

Integration with External Systems

  • bigbluebuttonbn: Integrated real-time video conferencing capabilities.

  • compilatio: Implemented a plagiarism detection tool.

  • Inwicast: Enabled robust multimedia content management.

Custom Backup Solution

Developed a sophisticated script for full-site backups.

Additional Custom Development Work

Beyond the specified enhancements, the project also involved a range of custom developments designed to further refine the Moodle platform.

Key Functionalities

  • Server Architecture and Configuration: Detailed setup of test/dev server, web servers with load balancing, database server, NFS server for MoodleData, Memcache server, and session server.

  • Moodle Site Customisation: Tailored user roles, permissions, course categorisations for optimal site usability.

  • Custom Plugin Development: Creation of several bespoke plugins to automate administrative processes.

  • Theme Customisation: Development of a custom theme based on RemUI to align with the university’s branding and usability goals.

  • External System Integration: Incorporation of bigbluebuttonbn, compilatio, and Inwicast to enrich the e-learning environment.

  • Comprehensive Backup Solution: Implementation of a custom backup script to ensure data integrity and system resilience.

  • Further Custom Developments: Additional enhancements and features to address unique educational challenges and improve user experience.

  • Project Type:
    Complete Site
  • Year of development:
  • Client Sector:
    Higher Education
  • Client Location:
  • Moodle version:
  • Tags:
    Multi servers setup,
    Full site installation and setup,
    Theme development,
    API Integration,
    Syncing with external system,
    Additional features,

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