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Advanced Aesthetics Training Site (2018-2020)

Moodle plugin

Project details

The development and management of this Moodle site, on a long-term ongoing base, was a deep dive into customisation and enhancement of the platform's existing capabilities. The user dashboard was meticulously tailored to not only reflect Moodle's inherent functionality but also to extend it with a personalised touch, enabling users to track and display their individual progress in a more engaging and informative manner. This customisation required sophisticated data handling and user interface adjustments.

The development of the "E-Campus" section introduced dynamic content accessibility, with courses available based on user status (logged in/out), and enrolment status. The "Virtual Clinic" and "Studio" sections were also technically developed to serve as resource hubs with varying access levels, content download options, and integration of multimedia elements for a rich user experience.

The inclusion of the "Virtual Clinic" and "Studio" necessitated the creation of custom modules to facilitate interactive virtual spaces for treatment simulations, science education, consultations, and marketing materials. This aspect involved both creating new Moodle plugins and customising existing ones to handle the specific content types and user interactions envisioned for these sections.

From an e-commerce perspective, secure payment gateways were implemented, requiring careful integration with Moodle's enrolment plugins. This also included the development of a voucher system, offering users the ability to redeem offers and discounts, adding an additional layer of complexity to the financial transaction processes.

On the administration front, the site was equipped with a sophisticated user management interface, allowing site administrators to oversee pending and active user accounts. Functionality was developed to include approval and rejection workflows, user activity logs, and detailed user management.

The "Profile" section required intricate development to ensure users could manage personal details, monitor their course progress through an integrated progress bar, and access their certificates of completion.

Lastly, the "Studio" was outfitted with a comprehensive content management system allowing admins to update and manage campaign materials. This was supported by extensive custom development, setting up a structure for admins to upload, organise, and tag various resources effectively.

Key functionalities:

  • Enhanced User Dashboards: Custom-tailored user dashboards for detailed progress tracking and data visualisation.

  • Advanced E-Commerce Features: Developed a refined e-commerce experience with extended voucher and discount capabilities.

  • Interactive Learning Environment: Extended Moodle's multimedia handling to create the 'Virtual Clinic' for interactive learning scenarios.

  • Resource Library Expansion: Engineered the 'Studio' section for optimised handling of an extensive collection of marketing and educational materials.

  • Personalised Certificate Issuance: Enhanced the automated certification process with personalised branding and user-specific data integration.

  • User Engagement Tracking: Implemented tracking features for admin use, providing insights into user engagement and course interaction.

  • Project Type:
    Complete Site
  • Year of development:
  • Client Sector:
    Healthcare service
  • Client Location:
  • Moodle version:
  • Tags:
    Web hosting server setup,
    Full site installation and setup,
    Theme development,
    Additional features,
    Long-term support and management

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